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ABOUT US – Mugizh Tv

Mugizh TV is a No.1 commercial channel  in Nilgiri district. Mugizh TV is launched on June 1 st 2014 .In a pioneering move Mugizh TV is a NO.1 commercial channel in Nilgiri district Tamilnadu with HD quality.
Mugizh TV is led by a dedicated team of editors and production personnel.
Mugizh TV  Advertising can also provide you with a unique range of high-impact, creative solutions around this content.
How we perform:
Why clients are selecting Mugizh TV for advertisement ?
•    Across TV and Digital, the Mugizh TV is the top media owner in relation to the attributes. The greatest standout is for our l.evel of ‘professional sales and customer service’. We also come top in ‘offering creativity and flexibility’ and in being ‘enjoyable to work with’.
•    Against TV competitors, the Mugizh TV  is top in terms of ‘offering hot new media and technological platforms’ and ‘having good research resources and ROI’
•    At  Mugizh TV  Advertising, our experienced sales teams have the global expertise to provide advertising solutions across multiple Mugizh Tv   commercial platforms to deliver the best results for your business.
•    Mugizh TV  Advertising connects advertisers to an influential, affluent and engaged audience on TV,.